Saints Deonte Harris trying to avoid getting hit by the big people


Deonte Harris is one of the Saints undrafted gems they found last year out of Assumption College. He went out to earn All-Pro honors as a kick returner in his rookie season and has been working on his receiving skills for an even larger role with the team in 2020. But, some see limited usage for a 5ft6, 170 pound target.

"Everybody's entitled to their own opinion, I'm here at the end of the day,” Harris said. “There's a saying; ‘The lion does not concern itself with thoughts of a sheep.’ I just go out there and try to make plays and do what I came here to do"

Deonte Harris with the strong grab --------: @Saints @tayynation1 | #Saints

— Saints Daily (@SaintsDaily1) August 27, 2020

Harris might think of himself as a lion, but must act like a whole other animal when he is returning kicks.    

“Best way to describe it is, I see big people trying to run and tackle me so I don’t want to get hit. That’s really how I see it.

Not wanting to get hit made Harris average 26.8 yards per kick return and 9.4 yards per punt return a year ago. Both ranked in the top 4 of the league. 

“I don't know if there's a guy that I've coached that has a quicker first step then Deonte and just, the 'make you miss’s ability,” said Saints special teams coach Darren Rizzi. “It's certainly his calling card at this point, and there's no reason for me to believe that that won't continue to be the case."