Saints DB coach Aaron Glenn challenging Lattimore and Williams to be more than a “talent”


Marshon Lattimore and Marcus Williams were drafted into the Saints secondary in 2017 and this year is a big one for the duo. Both are entering the final year of their rookie contracts and secondary coach Aaron Glenn expects to see both take that “next step” in year four.  

“I’m hard on both those guys because I see greatness in both of them,” explained Glenn. “I don’t want them to limit themselves to being just a talent. I want them to have the whole gambit of what an NFL player should be like. That’s not just going out there covering a receiver, that’s just not playing in the middle of the field.”

Lattimore was the 11th overall pick in ’17, finishing his first season as the NFL’s defensive rookie of the year. It appeared his was well on his way to earning the moniker “lockdown corner”, but since performed below expectations.       

“I want him to be, not just a great cover corner, but I want him to be one of the smartest corners,” said Glenn. “Because, he’s a corner that you hardly ever see in this league. He’s a really good tackler and he’s a physical player. When you have a guy like that, you want to take advantage of that skill set as much as you can. Of allowing him to play with some vision, where he can see the quarterback and be able to react and go make tackles, and things like that.

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Marcus Williams was a 2nd round selection and has been stellar in coverage along with being able to turn the ball over. But, the safety has struggled in another area of the game that has made every Who Dat roll their eyes.

“Marcus has to be better at playing down low, he has to be better as a tackler,” Coach Glenn acknowledged.  “I want too consistently see him make plays on the ball. But, I don’t want him to force those plays and I think sometimes that gets into his head. Everybody’s saying he’s this type of player. We know the type of player you are Marcus, just go out there, play football and don’t try and force these plays. The plays will come to you because of who you are and the way that you play the game.” 

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