Sean Payton anxious to see Brees’ deep ball and feels Winston’s fitting in well


Drew Brees is entering year 20 in the NFL and while the quarterback has never been known for having a big arm, pin-point accuracy will be what gets him into the Pro Football Hall-of-Fame.  In fact, Brees has completed just one pass over 35 yards since 2017, but appears determined to change that this year.

Being forced to train mostly at home made Brees switch up his workout regimen and even changed his goals. This offseason he came up with wanting to be able to unleash a 60-yard-pass while working with throwing Coach Tom House.

Here is footage of @drewbrees putting the work in in his backyard!

— Tom House ⚾️ (@tomhousesports) August 1, 2020

Brees has not gone into too much detail as to why his focus has been throwing deep, but statistics will tell you that deeper attempts have gone down.

“Listen, if the opportunities are there, I let it fly,” Brees said recently. “And if it's not, then you check it down and live to play another day. I feel like perhaps in years past we had more opportunities down the field than maybe have presented themselves over the last two years. I don't think it's our lack of being able to do it or lack of calling the plays for it. It's just hit or miss at times, and then there's a risk-reward to it as well.”

Head coach Sean Payton understands that the 41-year-old Brees is trying to fight father-time as much as he can, but, doesn’t feel the deep ball has been something that has been missing from the Black & Gold’s offense.

“I don’t know that there was this consensus coming off of one season,” explained Payton on Brees throwing deep.  “I think gradually, where he is at, obviously you are combating that age and you are combating some of the changes both physically and then mentally. I’m anxious to see, as we get into these practices, some of the things that he’s worked on.”

How about the status or former Heisman Trophy winner and 2015’s top overall pick Jamies Winston.  The Saints haven’t been able to do much actual football work yet, but the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ transition to Black & Gold has been going alright. 

“He’s in good shape. He’s lost weight, he’s lean.  He’s not afraid to work, he’s doing well, and he’s fit in well,” Payton said. “Again, we’re just into this thing.  All last week we were COVID testing, so he COVID tested well last week too.”

All Saints players have tested well thus far. There have been no positive results to begin training camp.