Sean Payton excited for a healthy Alex Anazlone


In the 3 seasons Alex Anzalone has been with the Saints the linebacker has been on the field for only 22 games due to season ending shoulder injuries that have followed him from college.  The 25-year-old is entering a contact year and needs to show he can stay on the field in order to stay in New Orleans.

"I do think he's a young player that we have high hopes for. He's had some nicks and injuries, but I think the recent surgery he had went very well,” said coach Sean Payton. “He has an extremely good football IQ, and has very good range. I know he's excited to be feeling as healthy as he has in quite a bit and I'm just as excited for him. I do think he can be a real good player for us and we've seen signs of it already.  But, I'm as excited about it as he is."

Alex Anzalone just lowered the BOOM on Christian McCaffrey.

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Anzalone has totaled 82 tackles, 8 hits on the QB with 4 sacks, 3 forced fumbles, 3 passes defended with an interception when available.  He’s ready to put health issues aside and show he cable of even more.

“I do think I have a lot more in my game that I haven't shown, “said Anzalone. “I think I was starting to hit my stride in training camp last year but you know, I think there's a lot more I can show on film and show the league what I'm capable of."

Typical 1st day of training camp pic

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Training camp is really just starting to get cranked up.  Players have been practicing in helmets and shells after having to pass through COVID testing. Monday is when the pads finally come on as we are a month away from the season opener against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.