Sean Payton thinking about Colts not Saints playoff seeding


Sunday was a stunner in the Superdome. Not because the Saints lost, but because of the 981 yards and 94 points that New Orleans and San Francisco combined for. Both defenses got gashed; the 49ers just happened to be the team that has the ball last.    

“Look, we have some guys nicked up and I think at linebacker particularly we have to get those guys back,” said Sean Payton on his Monday morning teleconference with the media. “And at the same time, there were a number of guys that did not play well. As the head coach, you look at the tape, you watch it, and you’re disappointed with it in a tough game like that.  You’ve got to bounce back against the team here this Monday night. Players are in right now, we're all looking at it and kind of go from there. But, we can’t kid ourselves. We have to play a lot better. We have to coach a lot better.”

That team coming to town for week 15’s match-up is the Colts. Indianapolis is 6-7 having lost 3 straight and dropped 5 of their last 6.  The Saints own a 10-3 record and tumbled to #3 in the NFC, while San Francisco is #1 and the Green Bay Packers are #2. Payton isn’t breaking down the scenarios of what needs to happen in order for New Orleans take back the top spot.

 “It's real simple. One, two, or three. That's what we're playing for,” explained Payton. “The focus is on the Colts and us playing better football. We're either going to be in one of those three spots and the focus has to be on improving and the focus has to be on playing the Colts. It is really that simple.”