Steve Geller: My son inspired me to reach out to my Pop

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I have been blessed to be a dad for 9 glorious years now and like many others will tell you, it’s the best job in the universe.  Having a little guy like Jackson, who looks up to me, definitely inspires to be a better man every day.  I pray to have a better relationship with Jackson than my father and I have.

My Dad and I just recently got back in touch with each other.  Kind of sad, because he missed a lot of big moments in my life, because we weren’t speaking.  It’s not all bad between my dad and me, though.  I wasn’t abused or anything like that, we just don’t see eye-to-eye on most things and boy do we have a way of getting under each other’s skin like nobody else can.  

I feel like being older and more mature now gives me the patience to deal with a man…a personality…I’m often at odds with.  My teenage years were another story; we had a number of heated moments.  My parents going through a divorce didn’t help my anger towards him either; it just elevated the tension between us.  

It took me a long time to get over those tough times.  Then, it was hard for me to locate my father.  The birth of my son is the biggest reason the wall came down between us.  I really became open to having my dad in my life, since I never got to meet my grandfathers.  Both were dead before I was born, so I definitely didn’t want my kid to be cheated out of knowing his grandpa. 

Things aren’t perfect, but we do text regularly.  My pops will send gifts to my son on holidays, birthdays, things like that…but he still hasn’t met his grandson in the flesh yet.  That day will be a big moment for everybody.  Really big, since I have not been in my dad’s presence in over 10 years.   

Like I said, fatherhood…being a dad…changed things.