Tommy: How difficult is it to run a restaurant during the coronavirus pandemic?

Restaurant seating outdoors
Photo credit Lazy_Bear/Getty Images

I’ve always wanted to own a restaurant. Whenever I would say that to any business person, their response was usually the same. Inevitably they would say "you can lose your a*@ very quickly in the restaurant business."  Not wanting to lose my a#@ quickly or slowly, I thought it best not to go into the restaurant business.

Not so for Scot Craig. He owns THREE restaurants. Katie’s, Francesca Deli and Bienvenue on Hickory. Katie’s is one of my favorite places and a restaurant that I often mention to visitors who want to experience a real, New Orleans neighborhood place. I’m sure you feel that way about your favorite eateries as well. Unfortunately, thanks to the coronavirus, a lot of those restaurants are going to fall into the “ain’t dere no more” category.

What are the challenges faced by restaurant owners today? Is COVID-19 an existential threat? Are high unemployment benefits making it more difficult to hire employees? I discussed all of that with Scot. Where’d he go to school? He’s from here so the answer is Brother Martin. He’s also a graduate, as am I, of UNO.