Tommy: The storybook tale of Ed Orgeron

Ed Orgeron, LSU Tigers celebrate after national championship
Photo credit USA TODAY Sports

There’s this story about a guy who graduates from high school and doesn’t like the way things go in college, so he quits after just two weeks. His father disapproves but finds his son a job at the company where he works.  It’s not one of those cushy “daddy hooked me up” jobs, however.  It’s one of those “get your behind out there and dig ditches in the hot Louisiana sun” jobs. It’s a job that a wise father would give his son to get him to realize college wasn’t that bad after all.

While weighing his options, a high school friend calls him and suggests that a different college may be more to his liking. Having learned a lesson that everything can’t always be his way, he goes off to school. Like any mischevious college student he gets in some trouble, atones and gets on the right path.

Soon the man graduates and pursues his career. The career path he follows literally leads all around the United States until he winds up back at home. Some would say he wound up right back where he started. The guy would say he got what he wanted all along.