Tommy: Thinking about the coronavirus in a new way

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Photo credit Vadym Pastukh/Getty Images

The coronavirus pandemic has been going on for so long, and we have talked about a lot. As a result I’ve learned things about Covid-19, forgotten them and then learned them again. And I’m sure, like you, I’ve gotten some things mixed up with others. It's technical.  It's scientific. And it can all be terribly confusing.

I thought we’d covered every angle until I spoke with Dr. Ed Nardell, a Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School in the Department of Global Health Equity. He brought up dilution.

Just as in the case of a train derailment or some other type of chemical spill, relative risk and danger are measured by parts per million in the atmosphere. In other words is it two gallons of a five gallon bucket or a drop in a five gallon bucket. I’d never thought about the coronavirus that way but in terms of particulates in the air, apparently the same rules apply as do to chemicals.