Tommy: What will football look like in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic?

Sports and coronavirus
Photo credit ronniechua/Getty Images

Just about everyone will agree there is a psychological aspect to the coronavirus pandemic. It may be isolation, not being able to go to school or even not being able to get away from the people we love…for a little bit.

I think sports, especially football, is very important as it relates to the national psyche. But will we have it? College football insider. Brett McMurphy says he doesn’t think football will start on time but hopefully in mid-to-late September or early October. HOPEFULLY?!?!

HOW do you conduct a football season at any level in the middle of a pandemic that hasn’t shown signs of going away? Our national psyche is important; but so too is the health of players, fans and whoever else is involved in putting a game on. When you multiply the number of people on the team, support staff, referees, ancillary personnel and all the others involved in conducting ONE football game by the number of teams and games, you’re talking about a LOT OF PEOPLE.