Tommy: What's spying like in the real world?

Photo credit EvgeniyShkolenko/Getty Images

From Carrie Matthison to Maxwell Smart, we’ve seen spying portrayed on tv and in movies. But what’s espionage like in real life? We found out this morning when we spoke with James Olson, a Professor of Practice at the Bush School of Government of Texas A and M University and a former chief of counterintelligence at the CIA. For THIRTY ONE YEARS he was engaged in espionage and covert action work under cover for the CIA, so he has definitely been there and done that.

Who do you think is most active when it comes to spying on the United States? Russia? China? How big of a problem is it? What about our upcoming elections? Could you be recruited by a foreign government to sell out your own country?  As if that wasn’t enough, what television show most accurately portrays what the world of espionage and spy tradecraft is really like?