Tommy: Would you confront a car burglar?

Car burglar
Photo credit welcomia/Getty Images

What’s right isn’t always legal, and what’s legal isn’t always right.

That, in essence, describes what the law says you can and can’t do if somebody is breaking into your vehicle. It seems ridiculous that you can see, from inside your home, somebody breaking into your vehicle and you just have to let them get away with it. You can call NOPD; but, given the response time, they’ll just write a report for you.

Are you ready to protect your belongings and make a statement to the bad guys? Ready to grab your gun and, by God, stop from becoming a victim?

Hold on there, cowboy or cowgirl. Remember what’s right isn’t always legal and what’s legal isn’t always right. Once you pull that trigger, presuming it’s not a stranger is in your home threatening you with a weapon, chances are you’ll be paying a lawyer because you’re in the system.  Once you’re in the system you’re no longer in control. You may not go to jail but your fate will be in the hands of others. After paying those pesky legal bills, you may have wished you’d let the bad guy steal your stuff.

I’m not being a friend to the criminals or advocating you allow yourself to cowardly become a victim. I’m just giving you the information you need to make an informed risk/reward decision.