Detillier: NFL owners must fix the officiating problem

By: Jordan Fiegel

“That was a terrible officiating job by that crew.”

“You’re going to play games like this,” Detillier said.  “You have to fight and scratch and claw and do what you have to do to and come out with the win.  And that’s what they did.”

It marked the fourth time New Orleans had double digit penalties and the second time in three games they had 12.  However, some of those penalties left fans and observers scratching their heads.

“The inconsistent nature of the calls is the most annoying thing,” Detillier continued.  “If you’re going to call it one way, then call it that way for both teams.  Don’t be one-sided about it.  That’s the thing that drives fans up the wall!

Detillier lays the blame for this all the way at the top.

“This rests of the shoulders of the NFL owners,” Detillier said.  “You have to do something; you have to take a stand.  You can’t just leave things the way they are with officiating.  It’s a detriment to the game.”