Detillier: Sean Payton has never had a defensive line like this with the Saints


Much of the focus has been on quarterback Teddy Bridgewater's standout performance in the New Orleans Saints 31-24 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and rightly so.

“Teddy had a terrific day,” WWL NFL analyst Mike Detillier enthused. “He was accurate. He was on target. He was in control of the game.”

Bridgewater was 26-34 for 314 yards and 4 touchdowns with 1 interception (that wasn't really his fault), good for a 131.2 passer rating. Detillier wanted to focus on a group that often does not get a lot of attention.

“The offensive line had a big part in the win,” Detillier explained. “Bridgewater's ability to extend the play a little bit longer and get a little bit more time is in large part to the play of the offensive line. They don't have the ball, so people don't watch a lot of the offensive line. But their play was excellent on Sunday.”

Detillier also gave some love to the defensive line.

“Where is this football team different than any other team Sean Payton has had,” Detillier asked. “And then he answered. “The defensive line. They have talent and depth, and they can get after you and put a tremendous amount of pressure on you.”