Deuce: Saints must move on, can't let one loss lead to another

By: Jordan Fiegel

The New Orleans Saints suffered a tough loss to the Atlanta Falcons 26-9.  The Saints offense failed to score a touchdown while the Falcons scored points on six of their nine possessions.

“The Saints never could find any rhythm,” McAllister explained.  “They were not perfect; they were not clean.  It wasn’t just one group either.  You have to look at every group, offense, defense, and special teams.”

The offense allowed six sacks to a Falcons defense that only had seven sacks in the first eight games.  The defense allowed a Falcons running game that had rushed for more than 100 yards just once all season to churn out 143 rushing yards at 4.2 yards per carry.  A roughing the punter penalty extended a Falcons drive that then resulted in a field goal, effectively icing the game.

“You played a desperate team,” McAllister said.  “The Falcons felt like they were playing not only for themselves but for their coach as well.  They came out, and they were the more aggressive team.  You have to congratulate them.  At the end of the day, they beat you.”

A question on everyone’s mind: was this just a fluke?

I don’t think so,” McAllister said, not-so-reassuringly.  “You have to focus.  You can’t say it was a fluke because you got beat soundly.  That can occur again if you’re not ready to play.”

While he doesn’t describe the loss as a fluke, McAllister said the Saints have to make sure this is only a one game occurrence and doesn’t become a trend.

“The one thing you don’t want is for one loss to lead to two losses,” McAllister said.  “Then you find yourself in a rut.  I don’t want to brush this loss off.  The Falcons beat the Saints, and they beat the Saints in every department.  You have to be locked in and ready to play.”