Deuce: You need an encyclopedia to keep track of all of Drew Brees' records

By: Jordan Fiegel

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees has written his name all over the record book.

“You almost literally need an encyclopedia to try to keep up with all the stats and records he has either tied or broken, not only this year but over his entire career.”

In the 34-7 win over the Indianapolis Colts, Brees set two different records.  He completed 29-30 of his passes, and that 96.7% completion percentage was enough to beat the previous mark by Philip Rivers.  Brees also threw four touchdowns; and it was his third of the night, to tight end Josh Hill, that broke the NFL career passing touchdown record.

McAllister also offered a positive take on the injury and the fact that he was not out there playing and taking hits for five games.

“Maybe missing those five games have helped him to be a little fresher,” McAllister said.  “Maybe that preserves him a little bit more as we make this playoff push.  Some of those throws last night were perfect. 

“Drew only had one throwaway,” McAllister went on.  “Even after that play, he looks at Michael Thomas and says ‘Man, I should’ve hit you instead of throwing it away.’  He sees the defense; he knows where he wants to go with the football.”

A fresh Drew Brees would certainly be a boon for the Saints; but, just as encouraging was the performance by the defense.  Brees has talked about being an “ascending team” heading into the playoffs, and New Orleans looked the part Monday night.

"The offense is rounding into form," McAllister said.  "If they can continue to put pressure on teams by scoring 34, 35 points or more, look out."