Brees: Saints can "go one of two directions" after loss to Rams


The New Orleans Saints lost an ugly one to the Los Angeles Rams 27-9.  Saints quarterback Drew Brees left the game with a thumb injury after only two possessions, and back-up Teddy Bridgewater played the rest of the way.

Voice of the Saints Zach Strief interviewed Brees right after the game; and the first question, of course, was about the thumb injury.

"Hoping for the best, but we’ll just have to wait and see," a somber Brees said.

In addition to the Brees injury, the Saints racked up the penalties, getting 11 of them for 87 yards. 

"When you have the types of penalties we were getting, it’s just drive killers.  The minute you have a big play, all of a sudden it gets called back for something," Brees lamented.  "It felt like there were opportunities to be had, but we kind of shot ourselves in the foot there."

For instance, on consecutive plays, the Saints had gains of 15 and 18 yards negated because of penalties.  And the ugliness didn’t stop there either. 

Defensive end Trey Hendrickson forced a fumble when Rams quarterback Jared Goff was rearing back to pass, and Cam Jordan scooped it up and rumbled down the field for what would have been a go-ahead touchdown.  The officials intervened, however, blowing the play dead as an incomplete pass.  A challenge would reverse the call, but the damage was done.

"That’s a huge play in the game.  I don’t think I can stress that enough."  Brees continued, "I think you absolutely, if it’s close, have to let that go and then go back and review it.  To think we had a touchdown taken away from us, in a huge point swing, too, that can’t happen."

Losing to the Rams, especially in the way that it happened, hurts; but Brees is determined to not waste the loss.

"You go one of two directions, Brees explained.  You find a way to get better from it, or you choose to ignore the glaring mistakes that will continue to show up.  I think we’ve got smart enough guys in this locker room, competitive enough guys in this locker room to know that we have to play better."