Drew Brees on his return? "Close, close."


“Close, close.”

That’s how New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees responded when Zach Strief, Voice of the Saints, asked how close he is to returning from injury.

“I’m going to practice this week, and I’m going to see how it feels,” Brees went on.  “I’m tired of just throwing on air.  I need some action.  I need some competition.”

The Saints are 5-0 without the future Hall-of-Famer, but Brees is itching to get back as soon as he can.

“There’s a lot that goes into it,” Brees explained.  “It’s different than just picking up a baseball and throwing a baseball or shooting a basketball.  This is gripping a football and being able to throw it while someone’s hitting you and throwing it 50 yards and put it in a spot where nobody else can get it. 

“I’m going to see how it responds, and we’ll go from there,” Brees said.  “But, man, I’m hoping that it’ll be good to go this week.”

Brees also broke down the Saints big 36-25 win over the Chicago Bears.

“Coming into this game, the key to this victory would be to control the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball,” Brees told Strief.  “And that’s what we did.  The offensive line was phenomenal.  You could feel it.  Every time we ran the ball, we were pushing the line.  We were getting four or five yards a pop.  Defensively, we were getting after them.  What, they had 17 yards rushing the whole game?”

The Bears did have just 17 rushing yards with over half of that coming on a 9 yard rush.  The Saints defense limited Chicago to a paltry 2.6 yards per carry.  The rest of the defense was stout as well, holding the Bears to 120 yards until two garbage time possessions raised the total to 252 yards.

The Saints looked impressive on the other side of the ball, too.  They gained 424 yards and racked up 151 yards on the ground.  With Alvin Kamara out, it was the Latavius Murray show. 

“It’s thunder and lightning, right” Brees chuckled.  “We always find diverse guys at the running back position.  We’re always mixing and matching, at times putting both out there at once.  [We’re] doing all these interesting things to the point where if one does go down, the other can step in and do a lot of the same stuff.”

Murray rushed 27 times (a career high) for 117 yards (a season high) with two touchdowns and added another 31 yards receiving.

“We all know what Latavius can do,” Brees said.  “He’s a downhill runner who can also get to the edge.  [He’s] extremely explosive.”