Pandemic keeping Taysom Hill's family from seeing him as Saints QB

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Taysom Hill Photo credit USA Today

Taysom Hill grew up in Idaho with NFL dreams and is seeing those become reality as he will be making his 2nd career start as a professional quarterback not too far from home.

“I'm a little disappointed,” explained Hill.  “2020's been a unique season where we played in Vegas, obviously going to Denver, which has been the closest proximity to where I grew up and we won't be able to have any family or friends there. But, I'm certainly excited to go back and be somewhat close to home."

Hill grew us the youngest of four brothers and feels his family helped shape who he became as not only a player, but as a man.

“I felt like I was always a kid trying to catch up to my older siblings,” explained Hill. “And, I felt like my parents instilled a lot of great habits in me in terms of work ethic and being okay to go out and try really hard and not always win, but assessing what you could do better.”

In his first start as a full-time quarterback, Hill completed 18 of 23 passes for 233 yards and added 51 yards rushing, with 2 TDs.

What are some things Hill is looking to improve on for his 2nd start?

"Some timing elements to a few particular route concepts, a few protections; timing elements protection wise too that I felt like I could have been better at last week.”

Maybe “Taysom Time” can help reverse the Saints franchise misfortune against the Broncos, as New Orleans is just 2-9 in the all-time series. The Black & Gold last downed Denver back in 1994, and have lost the past five meetings.