Saints DE Marcus Davenport played 'well' in 2020 debut but aims to get better


Marcus Davenport played 30 percent of the defensive snaps in the Saints Week 5 win against the Los Angeles Chargers.

Those were the game reps for the former first-round pick since Week 14 of last season and Davenport said it felt good to be back on the field after an injury ended his 2019 campaign and he battled an elbow, then toe injury to start the 2020 slate.

"It was great to be back last week, just being able to go out there and support and physically help with the game and all that,” Davenport said. “But, it's just one of those things, you just got to keep on going with time and take my time, you can't rush it. And as far as the little setback, it was just that, a setback. I'm just lucky, I'm still able to keep on going and you have to take it like that, one day at a time."

Davenport was credited with two quarterback hits and a pass deflection in the win and Saints coach Sean Payton said he said a handful of good rushes from the 6-foot-6, 250-pound defensive end.

“Our plan was to play him right at that number count,” Payton said. “It was his first game back. Those snaps will gradually increase. Trey (Hendrickson's) playing well. We've got to just continue to grind on the pressure package. And whether it's coming from a three man rush or four man rush or pressure."

Davenport said he thought he played well in his return but knows he’s still needs to improve.

“Good's the enemy with great and that's not enough,” he said. “I didn't think that there was really any mess ups or things like that. It was just little technique things, things that I need to play through, to kind of develop again.”

Davenport said he’s also aiming to adjust to his “new normal.”

“I’ve gotten bigger, stronger,” Davenport said. “I got some (new) game film under my belt. So, I've gotten progression there. That normal’s kind of relative and so, what I say is, as far as y'all, what y'all see, I'm not that same player. So I have to keep on going."