Garic: Lots of movement in Week 7's NFL power rankings


1.    Kansas City (5-1): Ok, so this team has some flaws, and the league is starting figure out how to cause them some problems. Patrick Mahomes still finds ways to overcome the different looks he’s getting from defenses. The Chiefs dominated the Bills rushing for 245 yards in the win over Buffalo. This is still the best team in the league. Last week: 2

2.     Seattle (5-0):  The Seahawks were on the bye week. I’m not going to punish them for not playing a game.  Last week: 2

3.    Pittsburgh (5-0): The Steelers are the biggest threat to Kansas City in the AFC. Pittsburgh flexed its muscle on the Browns in Week 6 and crushed them, 38-7. The Steelers’ offense is coming around and their defense is making life miserable for opposing quarterbacks. HUGE matchup this week between the Steelers and Titans. Last week:  4

4.    Tennessee (5-0): Like I mentioned last week, I’ve disrespected this team in the past. Those days are over. The Titans bully everyone they play. They win the old fashioned way.  Good defense, running the football and then getting the passing game going. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill should be in the MVP conversation.  “Garic, you are crazy!”  Am I?  Tannehill is putting up nearly identical numbers as Patrick Mahomes.  The former Dolphins cast off is completing nearly 70 percent of his passes for with 1,368 yards with 13 touchdowns and just two interceptions the season.  Mahomes is completing 65.8 percent of his passes with 15 touchdowns and an interception for 1,699 yards passing.  I’m just saying… Last week:  6

5.    Baltimore (5-1):  The Ravens slide is more about how highly I think of the Titans and Steelers.  Also, the Eagles almost knocked off the Ravens in Week 6. With the said, the Ravens will have something to say about the AFC North with two looming match ups against the Steelers. They win with a tough, nasty defense. Quarterback Lamar Jackson has not thrown for over 200 yards in four straight games. Defense is the heartbeat of this team.  That gives them a chance down the stretch.  Last week: 4

6.    Green Bay (4-1):  Oh boy! So, the Packers were spanked by Tampa Bay.  That loss against the Buccaneers looked a lot like the Packers loss in the 2019 NFC Championship Game.  Quarterback Aaron Rodgers was battered and beaten by the Bucs defensive line. I’ve said it all along that defense is the issue in Green Bay.  People are going craft narratives that Rodgers can’t beat elite QBs because of this loss. Nah! Nah! Nah! How about Tampa just whipped their butts, pure and simple. Last week: 3

7.    Tampa Bay (4-2):  Yo! The Buccaneers look like a team that is figuring some things out. I’ve said it before, the headline in Tampa should be about their defense. They don’t look anything like the Tampa team that lost in Week 1 to New Orleans. The Bucs’ defense is scary good. I invite you to watch them. They are clearly the fastest defense in the NFL. Get ready! This is a hot take. I think Tampa’s defense could be a real problem for the Chiefs fast break offense. Tampa is in prime time for three straight weeks starting this Sunday on the road against the Raiders, then Monday night on the road in Week 8 against the Giants and in Week 9 Tampa hosts a rematch with the Saints at home. Take this team serious. Last week:  9

8.    Chicago (5-1): Last week the Bears toppled the Carolina Panthers, 23-16.  Ok, I still don’t believe in this team. I just don’t. Sure their defense is pretty good. Not great, but pretty good. The offense just doesn’t do it for me.  When scoring is up across the league, the Bears have scored at least 30 points one time this season. It was against the Falcons.  Last week: 11

9.    Buffalo (4-2): The Bills have lost two in a row to the Titans and Chiefs. But I’m not panicking over this team. Well wait, let me back up. I’m not panicking yet. The Bills defense has been poor this season, and are so far underachievers. Quarterback Josh Allen is starting to show you some of the bad Josh Allen. You know, missed throws that should be routine for most NFL starting quarterbacks… The Bills will get right this week against the Jets, but it gets real for them in Weeks 8 and 9 with two straight home games against the Patriots and Seahawks. Last week:  7

10.  Las Vegas (3-2): The Raiders were off this week, but still slide a little.

11.  Los Angeles Rams (4-2):  The Rams lost the 49ers in Week 7, 24-16. The NFC West might be the best division in football. Every team in that division is at or above .500 so far.  Things don’t get any easier for LA, they have three straight games against teams that are playing well right now with the Bears at home, on the road against Miami then back home against Seattle. Last week: 13

12. New Orleans (3-2): The Saints had their bye week, and somehow move up. New Orleans will face Teddy Bridgewater and the Carolina Panthers this Sunday in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome with about 3,000 fans in the stands. Last week: 14

13. Cleveland (4-2): The Browns were bullied by the big brother of the AFC North, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Quarterback Baker Mayfield was benched halfway through the third quarter. Mayfield was playing with sore ribs. Nonetheless, the Steelers crushed the Browns, 38-7.  Cleveland is starting to have buyer’s remorse with Baker Mayfield.  His commercials are funny,  but his play is…well… depressing.  Last week:  12

14.  Indianapolis (4-2):  The Colts are maddening to watch! Their defense can shut teams down, but then their offense turns the ball over. The Colts beat the Bengals on a last second interception to preserve a 31-27 win. The Colts have a road trip to Detroit this week before two tough games in Weeks 8 and 9, at home against the Ravens and on the road against the Titans.  Last week: 15

15.  Arizona (4-2): The Cardinals feasted on the Cowboys defense and whipped Dallas, 38-10.  I’m just not buying the Cardinals. Their four wins have come against teams that are at or below .500.  One of those wins was against the Jets. I’m not even sure that should count. The Cardinals will finish the season 8-8 or somewhere around that mark.  Last week: 17

16.  Carolina (3-3): The Panthers lost to the Bears, as expected. Carolina is better than we thought, but nothing close to a real contender in the NFC.  They can win some games, but are not ready to compete with the upper crust in the conference. Last week: 16

17.  San Francisco (3-3):  The 49ers surprised some folks with an upset over the Rams last week.  San Francisco is average. Their defense can still cause problems and their offense will threaten, but I can’t take this team seriously.  Last week:  18

18.  Miami (3-3):  Don’t look now but the Dolphins are winning games and are above .500. It’s Tua Time in Miami. The Dolphins have decided after the bye (this week) former Alabama Phenom Tua Tagovailoa will be their starting QB. Curious timing, but, hey, I like it. The Tua era is here. Last week: 20

19.  New England (2-3):  You are what you record says you are in the NFL.  This is rare air for the Pats. The Patriots haven’t been below .500 this deep into a season since 2002. That season they finished 9-7. This is a big fall in my power rankings, but it is what it is for New England. Last week: 10

20.  Philadelphia (1-5-1): The Eagles are one game out of first place in the NFC East. How about that? Incredible! Quarterback Carson Wentz isn’t the problem in Philly. E-A-G-L-E-S! I am just about done with this team, but then again they still have a chance to win the division, and probably will.  Last week: 21

21.  Los Angeles (1-4): The Chargers had their bye in Week 6.  Last week: 22

22.  Dallas (2-4): Insert laughing emoji here. It’s getting bad for the Cowboys.  They were embarrassed by the Cardinals. After the game players started taking shots at Mike McCarthey’s coaching staff. That’s never a good thing.  Owner Jerry Jones has to be frustrated. Amazingly, the Cowboys still lead the NFC East. Just wait, it’s the beginning of a huge fall for the Cowboys.  Last week: 19

23.  Detroit (2-3) The Lions are a bad team, but the beat up on a team that is even worse. Detroit defeated Jacksonville, 34-16. The Lions aren’t as bad as I originally thought, but they are not very good either. Last week:  29

24.  Denver (2-3): Denver surprised the Patriots with an upset victory last week. The Broncos beat the Patriots 18-12. Denver didn’t score a touchdown and still won, on six field goals. This is how Denver has to win:  Keep it low scoring and play good defense. They won’t do that week in and week out.  Last week:  28

25.  Cincinnati (1-4-1): The Bengals were driving to beat the Colts late in their game but quarterback Joe Burrow was tricked by the Colts defense and  threw an interception that allowed Indianapolis to pull off the win. Things are looking up for the Bengals. Burrow will learn from that coverage, and won’t be tricked again. Last week:  27

26.  Houston (1-5): The Texans gave the Titans a scare. When are coaches going to learn about when to go for two points and when not to?  Romeo Crennel chased the two-point conversion in the third quarter. I don’t get it.   Last week: 23

27.  Minnesota (1-5): When you give the Falcons their first win of the season that is not good. The Vikings are in real trouble. Quarterback Kirk Cousins is a turnover machine. He’s thrown 10 interceptions to 11 touchdowns this season.  Yikes!  I’m thinking of changing the Vikings name to the Viqueens.  I have a friend that is a Vikings fan, and he’s completely inconsolable right now. Last week:  24

28.  Jacksonville (1-5):  The Jags lost to the Lions and owner Shad Khan is trying to sell his $200 million dollar yacht.  If you want to charter this yacht it will cost you $1.2 million a week. I invite you to google “Kismet” (The name of Khan’s yacht.)  Why can’t I have friends with cool toys like this?  Bobby Hebert has some money but he owns a sea craft.  Last week:  26

29.  Atlanta (1-5):  The Falcons notched their first win last week over the Vikings. Yay! Atlanta isn’t going anywhere! Pluck those Dirty Birds! Last week:  29

30. Washington Football Team (1-5): It’s a wonder they’ve won a game this season. The Giants knocked off Washington 20-19. This is a lifeless team.  As bad as they are, they are only a game out of first place in their division.  Last week:  25

31.  New York Giants (1-5): Great you beat the Washington football team. The G-men play the Eagles this week, so that might offer them a chance move up next week in my rankings. In Week 8, the Giants host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I will be pulling for the Giants that week. Last week:  31

32.  New York Crop Dusters (0-5): What a mess in gang green. The defensive coordinator (Gregg Williams) is taking shots at head coach Adam Gase.  That’s about what I expect from Williams to be honest. Gase is lost in the sauce and has no clue how to get out it.  Last week: 32