Malcolm Jenkins Foundation launches 'Feeding the 504' initiative


The Malcolm Jenkins Foundation, which was started by the New Orleans Saints safety launched a new hunger relief initiative in New Orleans and South Jersey with the goal of fighting food insecurity.

“So I have an initiative, 'Feeding the 504' where yesterday we fed 557 families with over 25,000 pounds of food through our partners Winn-Dixie, Second Harvest Food Bank and Broadmoor Improvement Association Pantry,” Jenkins said. “…What we're trying to do throughout the year is feed 504 families per month, as we move throughout this year, and just all of this food insecurity that's going on. One in four children are dealing with food insecurity and that is a huge piece.”

The initiative was started in response to the COVID-19 pandemic as it’s particularly affected impoverished communities.

Jenkins said the pandemic created some logistical challenges with regards to executing the initiative.

“I’m so used to being directly hands on and I haven't been able to do that throughout the offseason, and of course, now during the season, but that's why you have teams,” he said. “I think the foundation and all of our volunteers, Winn-Dixie, our food pantries that we have been supporting have done a great job of facilitating this initiative to be able to get these resources to these families in need.

“Because while it's tougher to connect and do these things logistically, the need's even more than it's been before. So, it's important work."

Jenkins encouraged people to to support the initiative by donating at or Second Harvest Food Bank and the Broadmoor Improvement Association Pantry.