Tre'Quan Smith focused on doing whatever helps Saints win

Smith: 'If that means me blocking all day, I'll block all day'

Tre’Quan Smith’s contributions don’t always show up on the stat sheet.

But the third-year Saints' receiver isn't as focused on his numbers as he is on doing what’s best for the team.

“I just want to win,” he said. “I just want to go to the Super Bowl. So if that means me blocking all day, I'll block all day. If that means me running deep balls all day, I'll do that 100%, because at the end of the day, I want to win a Super Bowl."

Smith said his blocking is where he feels he plays a key role for the Saints but added that he know receivers in the New Orleans offense are expected to do more than just one thing. And the 6-foot-2, 210-pound receiver says he's feeling more comfortable with all of those responsibilities.

"In this in this offense, the receivers are really interchangeable," he said. "So you have to know what the other guys doing. I would get nervous when I was at the other position, not my main position, because I wouldn't know for sure. I kind of was like, 'I think this is what I do, but I'm not 100 percent (sure).' I know what I'm doing 100 percent (now)."

So while Smith is focused on his role, he's making sure he's ready if his number is called.

"The one thing about our offense never know who’s getting it, And when and how," Saints receivers coach Curtis Johnson said. "You never know which games, who’s getting what."

Johnson sited the Saints' receiving corps from early in the Sean Payton era when Devery Henderson, Marques Colston, Robert Meechem and Lance Moore all saw significant targets.

"Colston caught a lions share but, I mean, you look at old highlights, all of a sudden Devery's got a big game and then Lance would have one, Meech would have a couple, so you really can’t tell," Johnson said. "The best thing you can do in this offense is be prepared because we are going to take the biggest advantage, what the defense is giving us."

Smith could see more targets in the passing game this week as the Saints will be without top target Michael Thomas as he recovers from an ankle injury.

He's shown throughout his career the ability to make plays when given the opportunity. He had two huge games his rookie season, one against Washington where he caught three passes for 111 yards and two touchdowns and another where he had a career-high 10 catches and 157 yards against the Philadelphia Eagles.

"I definitely think that when an opportunity presents itself in my life, I see it and take it, but that in this game you always have to seize on it," Smith said. "Like Sean (Payton) says, the next game is the most important. So I try not to look back on the games and rather just play in my next game."