90-year-old ‘miracle man’ released from hospital after beating coronavirus

After previously battling stage 4 cancer, a 90-year-old in Pennsylvania is being called a “miracle man” for surviving COVID-19.

On August 31st, Enzo Carnaroli was rushed to the hospital after waking up with a fever. Since he and his wife Joan had been quarantining and taking every precaution amid the pandemic, they initially thought it was a urinary tract infection, according to ABC6.

After being diagnosed with the novel virus, Enzo spent over three weeks at Riddle Hospital apart from his family.

Earlier this week, he was finally given the ok to return home.

"I'm going to see him today and I'm going to take him home," Joan told the outlet. "And that's all I care about."

The nonagenarian suffered some complications throughout his hospital stay, but was in excellent spirits upon his release.

"He was on four liters of oxygen and to see him today is amazing," said Mariellen Patrick, a registered nurse at the hospital.

Twenty years ago, the Italian immigrant battled stage 4 colon cancer and underwent surgery and a year of chemotherapy.

His medical history put him at an increased risk of contracting coronavirus. But despite the odds, he came out on top.

Like a true fighter, Enzo was wheeled out of the medical facility sporting boxing gloves and waving his arms in the air as hospital staff cheered him on.

Now back home, he intends to enjoy his time with his wife and his cats.

“I’m glad to go home,” Enzo said. “I pray to feel better and to live another couple years. That’s all.”

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