Free mental health resources for weary Louisiana residents

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Stress levels are high in Louisiana seven months into the pandemic Add to that the ongoing recovery from two hurricanes, and a heated election, and it is a recipe for stress.

Assistant State Health Officer Dr. Joe Kanter has a message for everyone out there struggling to cope with the pressure:

“It is ok to feel stressed and under the gun. Not only is it ok it is entirely natural and expected and in fact, if you didn’t feel any of that right now that would be probably abnormal,” said Dr. Kanter.

There are free resources available to Louisiana residents who need help. Dr. Kanter said people who feel stressed can call the 24-hour "Keep Calm" hotline.

“It’s 100 percent free, 100 percent anonymous, and 100 percent confidential. It allows you to speak with a counselor to talk through anything that you want to without any charge or any concern that your name might get out somewhere,” said Dr. Kanter.

The number is (800) 310-7977. The hotline can also be reached by tex, at 741-741.

Dr. Kanter said even if you don’t feel you need the help, this information could be vital for someone you know who is going through a hard time.

“It’s ok to use these resources, I’ve used them before and most people I know have used some kind of mental health resource before,” said Dr. Kanter.