Hepatitis A case traced to Galatoire's

Photo credit Sean Gardner/Getty Images

A hepatitis A case has been traced to Galatoire's restaurant, WWL-TV reports.

The illness is from early to mid August.

Hepatitis A is a contagious disease that causes liver damage. It is preventable through a vaccine.

It's not known how the virus was contracted. The restaurant said in a statement it is taking steps recommended by the Louisiana Department of Health to protect the safety of its staff and guests.

Click here for more information from LDH on hepatitis A.

Galatoire's released the following statement:

It was recently brought to our attention by the Louisiana Department of Health of a potential incident dating from early to mid-August.

Consistent with our own high standards, we embraced the assistance of the Department of Health and together outlined steps Galatoire’s could take to be as responsive as possible for our team and our guests. We acted on the Office’s recommendations immediately.

Galatoire’s underwent a standard inspection by the Department of Health and passed with high marks, as we normally do.

We asked about any additional activities we could take in situations like these. The Department of Health recommended a state program that is available to vaccinate all employees, which we immediately agreed to and administered.

Galatoire’s protocols protecting both our guests and staff are extensive and stronger than ever.

In our discussions with state public health officials and other medical professionals, we understand that cases like these are on the rise in Louisiana and nationally. We encourage anyone with questions about public health issues to contact the Louisiana Department of Health for more information.