Child suspended from virtual school after BB gun is seen on video

Does this push the outer edges of common sense?
Does this push the outer edges of common sense?
Child suspended from virtual school after BB gun is seen on video Photo credit JP Schools

A child attending virtual school is sitting in his bedroom and attending class.

His brother enters the bedroom and inadvertently trips over a BB gun left on the floor.

The child picks it up and places it against his desk.

The BB gun is seen on camera.

The child is suspended from school.

Virtual school.

And could've faced expulsion from school altogether.

This matter is unfolding in Harvey where Woodmere Elementary student Ka Mauri Harrison is now caught up in a zero-tolerance application of school rules.

Jefferson Parish Schools says the handling of the gun during class is the offense committed by the juvenile.

He’s been kicked out of class for six days.

Ka Mauri’s family has cried foul, calling the suspension based on the sight of the BB gun an invasion of the family’s privacy.

They also say their son was not given due process to fight the suspension.

And since they did not get an appeal of the suspension, the family has consulted an attorney and is considering legal action against the district.

"It's not ending here," Harrison family attorney Chelsea Cusimano, told the Times-Picayune/New Orleans Advocate. “It's our intent to explore further options."

Similar incidents occurred in Colorado and New Jersey.

Regardless of whether it was a shotgun, as initially called by the educator, or just a BB gun, that was empty as the parents contend, rules are rules.  And as a report on the incident states:

"Ka Mauri presented a weapon that appeared to be a rifle/shotgun during his Google Meets classroom session. This is a violation of weapons in the classroom setting and a violation of the internet usage policy.
He will be recommended for expulsion as per JPPSS policy.”

Fortunately for Ka Mauri, the district’s pound was flesh was met by a six day suspension.

With his time served, Ka Mauri is now back at school.