Man fatally shot after allegedly trying to break into 18-wheeler

Photo credit Getty Images

A Bienville Parish man was fatally shot Sunday morning after allegedly attempting to break into an 18-wheeler and being confronted by the trailer’s driver.

Beinville Sheriff John Ballance said 35-year-old Jonathan Raney allegedly kicked in the front door of a liquor store, then targeted a nearby 18-wheeler.

“He (Raney) climbed up on the truck, held onto the mirror, and was trying to kick the glass out. It woke the driver up and he told him (Raney) to get down and he went around to the other window grabbed the mirror and started kicking trying to break the window out,” said Ballance.

Raney did not enter the liquor store after kicking in its front glass door.

Ballance said the truck driver woke up and warned Raney to leave.

“The (truck driver) tried to get him (Raney) to get down and he did not heed his warning and that is when the driver shot,” said Ballance.

Ballance said the driver fired four shots and they believe the shooting was justified.

“He feared for his life and we consider that part of his home and the guy kept trying to break in,” said Ballance.

Ballance speculated Raney’s erratic behavior was the result of drug use but said they are awaiting toxicology results to determine if that is the case.