Modified Phase 2 forces upcoming weddings to alter plans

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When Governor John Bel Edwards announced Modified Phase Two restrictions this week, gatherings were reduced from 150 to 75. Many couples had already chosen to delay their weddings to the end of the year while others postponed until 2021. New Orleans area wedding planner and owner of Three Little Words, Samantha Capone said the new restrictions are forcing some couples to alter their plans again.

“I have had a lot of people that have already made adjustments, but definitely there are still some left that are having to, the word of the year is pivot, they’re having to pivot again and either downsize or kind of adjust plans,” said Capone.

While many couples had to shrink their guest list down to 150 already, the latest restrictions have cut that in half and some couples are being forced to uninvite wedding guests. Capone said it is awkward, but most guests are understanding.

“I think contacting people directly is super important and doing it in a loving way, and just kind of reminding people that you’re making this change for everyone’s safety,” said Capone.

Capone said some catering contracts will allow you to change your menu, for example, if you have a required minimum to be spent, you can add more types of food for the event, just alter the amount.

Another alternative for couples who must reduce the guest list is live-streaming their nuptials. Capone said many companies now offer this service and it helps when you’re forced to uninvite loved ones.

“That can really help kind of soften the blow a little bit, do a live-stream of your ceremony and those friends and family who can’t be there, can still experience the wedding at least a little bit, and in a different way,” said Capone.

Capone said most wedding vendors have added verbiage to contracts because of the pandemic but advises reviewing them carefully before signing.