President-Elect picks LA native as UN Ambassador

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President Elect Joe Biden announced today, his choice for Ambassador to the United Nations.

Linda Thomas-Greenfield is a native from Baker, Louisiana and an LSU graduate.

She is a 35-year veteran diplomat, and famed Democratic political consultant to James Carville.

“It’s so exciting for East Baton Rouge Parish, the Baker area, LSU, it is really just a good news appointment on so many levels,” said Carville.

In an interview from 2019, Thomas-Greenfield recounted how when she was growing up it was all too common for the KKK to burn crosses in the yards of local Black families.

Thomas-Greenfield graduated from LSU with a bachelor’s in political science in 1974. Carville says it’s a moment that should make every LSU grad proud and gives LSU students a fantastic role model.

“Everybody like me that teaches at LSU tries to say that you can go from here to anywhere and I think that she is living proof,” said Carville.

Thomas-Greenfield joins Congressman Cedric Richmond in the Biden Administration. Carville says she’s on the long list of Louisiana political luminaries.

“Louisiana definitely punches above its weight in politics, and punches way above its weight in Democratic politics,” said Carville.

It is now up to the Senate to confirm her to the position.