Putting it off: Jefferson Parish delays Mardi Gras again

Putting it off: Jefferson Parish delays Mardi Gras again
Putting it off: Jefferson Parish delays Mardi Gras again Photo credit Getty Images: JWLouisiana

The Jefferson Parish Council has amended an ordinance which moved Mardi Gras celebrations and parades to May of 2021.

The initial legislation was taken up in December of last year and tabled to a later date.

This morning’s public comment period saw a few raucous residents in opposition to the cancellation of the May date.

“There’s certain business that have actually been targeted,” Resident Al Morella loudly proclaimed.  “They retrofitted their businesses to comply with these ridiculous rules and regulations I see all over the place.  And they still closed down anyway!”

Bill Tangelosi also echoed the same sentiment—that postponing or moving the date of the Carnival and St.
Patrick celebrations would be very detrimental for local business owners and participants and sponsors of the parades:

“People’s lives are being affected,” Tangelosi began before presenting a way unique way of letting the council know how hard businesses are being hit.  “Let’s let your salary stop, your payroll. So let’s bring it to the floor that you’ll don’t get paid until to open back up this parish 100%!”

Addressing the members of the council and the opposing residents in the audience, Council member Jennifer VanVrancken—who sponsored the original ordinance—stated: “We understood the need for a date, that’s really why we started planning for specific dates in the future.  The only reason we are not moving forward with that now is because we really don’t think May is likely.”

The Council voted unanimously to amendment the ordinance and hold off on setting a new date for the Mardi Gras parades and celebrations.