Self-reporting Winter storm damage could help with federal assistance says GOHSEP


The Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness is seeking information via a survey on from anyone who sustained damage from the winter weather, which could potentially lead to federal assistance. GOHSEP Spokesperson Mike Steele says filling out a survey will help speed up the recovery process.

“If people could take the time to do this survey and self-report some of the damage to their homes and businesses it would definitely help with the recovery process.”

Steele says that reporting the damage will also help state officials determine where the most damage occurred.

“It would give us a clearer picture of each particular region of the state and would help us in our decision-making process to determine what assistants may be available.”

Steele explains that this doesn’t guarantee federal assistance but it could certainly help.

“We don’t want to be too optimistic that it may be available but the more information like this that we get on the surveys and some of the self-reporting things that could happen, that would benefit us.”

Steele wants Louisiana residents to understand that this should not replace reporting damage to your insurance agency.