Swingers event organizer regrets spreading COVID in New Orleans


After 41 people who attended a swingers convention in New Orleans tested positive for coronavirus, the man who organized the event says he wouldn't do it again.

"If I could go back in time, I would not produce this event again," Naughty Events Owner Bob Hannaford said in a blog. "Even though most of the 41 positive cases have mostly been asymptomatic or very mild cases. The reason I wouldn’t is that I know of two people who had a tougher time and they were suffering."

He says someone close to him got very sick.

"One of them, a good friend of mine, was hospitalized in serious condition," Hannaford announced, " My friend is out of the hospital and looks like he will be fine."

At the same time, he defended the decision to hold the partner swapping sex convention.

"We were tracking the data daily," Hannaford blogged. "We consulted with one of the nation’s top virologists, someone who is one of the top experts in the world on this subject. Together, and with the help of a few other event planners and friends, we wrote the protocol."

The website still promotes another "Naughty N'awlins" swingers event set for August 4-8, 2021.

Hannaford says it is not clear if that will actually happen.

"Maybe we could host an event in August, but only after the vaccine has been distributed. After all, if people have not contracted it by August and they refuse the vaccine and they still want to attend… do I let them in? I don’t know."

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