Two-day count: nearly 1,000

hospitalizations decrease, ventilator use down
21 deaths, Hospitalizations decrease
Two-day count, nearly 1,000 new cases Photo credit Getty Images: ChakisAtelier

The noon update on Sunday shows steadying numbers averaging 460 new cases a day.
That is below the 500-threshold.
Although there were 21 new deaths related to the infection, there are 13 fewer hospitalizations and one less person on a mechanical ventilator.
The Times-Picayune/New Orleans Advocate reports over a seven day period, the number of deaths totaled 85.
That number is reportedly going down as well, a drop of 36% from the week before.
Here are the statistics:
Total cases: 164,851
Total deaths: 5,283
People hospitalized: 55
People on ventilators: 85