WATCH: Video shows transformer blast as Hurricane Zeta makes landfall


As Hurricane Zeta made landfall on Wednesday, Louisiana residents found themselves victim to flooded streets, high gusts of wind, and, in this case, a busted transformer.

In a video credited to Christopher Guidry from Scot Pilié on Twitter, a transformer can be seen flashing blue and ultimately exploding outside of a nearby home. Playground equipment sits amid the rain and winds in the foreground.

"Transformers blowing out in Kenner," the tweet reads. "Winds gusting 50+mph."

Zeta hit land with winds up to 110 miles per hour. The storm is expected to be the cause of widespread power outages and wind damage.

The forecast is for most of Southeast Louisiana and the Mississippi Gulf Coast to see two to six inches of rain.

The Hurricane Center projected the storm’s path to roll through a significant swath of the southeastern parts of the U.S.

“On the forecast track, the center of Zeta will make landfall in southeastern Louisiana this afternoon,” the center wrote Wednesday. “Zeta will then move close to the Mississippi coast this evening, and move across the southeastern and eastern United States on Thursday.”