Will Jefferson Parish bars be able to reopen?

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Jefferson Parish will find out today if bars can reopen.

The parish has already stated its intent to "opt-in," now they just need to see if they have two consecutive weeks of fewer than five percent of their coronavirus tests coming back with positive results.

"The last reported numbers had us at 3.80 (percent positive)," said Jefferson Parish Councilmember-at-large Scott Walker. "We should be there or better."

Walker says as bars reopen, personal responsibility will be important -- because with kids back in school and fall sports talking place, they don't want positive test results to increase to the point that things will have to shut down again.

"We have to move forward and we have to do it in a smart-- smart way," Walker said. "I think that's the best way to put it. We just have to be smart on all fronts."

Bars that reopen will be limited to 25 percent of their maximum occupancy under the fire code, with a hard limit of 50 people, and for table service only. And closing time is at 11 p.m.