Most Americans admit to weight gain during pandemic


After months of sitting inside for days on end, many Americans are admitting to having gained some weight during the coronavirus pandemic.

A survey commissioned by biotechnology company Gelesis showed that a majority of Americans have gained weight as a result of the pandemic, and a small majority is concerned about shedding the weight in the new year, the New York Post reports.

The online poll of adults in the US showed that 53% of those who responded claimed to be just as worried about gaining weight now as they are about now being able to spend the holidays with their loved ones.

63% said that maintaining healthy habits during the pandemic has proved to be tricky, while 71% of respondents shared that their weight directly impacts their self-esteem.

That being said, many Americans have said they would go to extreme measures if it meant losing a few pounds. 22% said they would give up sex for the rest of the year while 17% would willingly give up their favorite streaming service if it meant shedding some weight.

Elaine Chiquette, Gelesis' chief scientific officer, said, "While our survey has found Americans have been motivated to develop healthier habits amidst the pandemic, it has also brought light to how many Americans who want to lose weight continue to struggle."

51% of those who participated in the survey said they hope to lose weight in the new year. Many of those people were women.

“In a year when we’ve all already given up so much, our data shows that people would give up even more if it meant being able to lose weight by the end of the year and they remain hopeful about losing weight and feeling healthy in 2021,” Chiquette said.

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