Frontline Worker Rebate program projected to give out all of its 50 million dollars

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The 250 dollar Frontline Worker Rebate Program has processed about 65 percent of the over 240,000 applications received.

Louisiana Revenue Secretary Kimberly Robinson said they’re confident they will give away all of the money by the October 31st application deadline.

“With the applications we have pending review we technically have 51.7 million almost 51.8 million obligated and this program only has 50 million dollars available,” said Robinson.

Eligible workers have to earn less than 50,000 dollars a year and have worked in a specifically listed frontline job for a certain amount of hours during the pandemic.

Robinson said they only have about 22 million dollars left to give out from the 50 million dollar pot, and over 110,000 eligible workers have received their money.

Robinsons said they still have thousands of people who need to respond to requests for additional information before they can get their cash.

“There are those applications where the persons simply did not complete all of the way and we have to follow up with that person and ask for additional information,” said Robinson.