LA Senator proposes legislation making Kindergarten mandatory

Photo credit Getty Images

In Louisiana, kindergarten is an optional entry school level not required by all children, but Louisiana Senator and Senate Education Committee Chairman, Cleo Fields wants to change that.

Senator Fields pre-filed legislation to make kindergarten a mandatory part of a Louisiana student’s education.

“As Louisiana continues to focus on the improvement of, and access to, early childhood education, there has never been a time of more importance to address the issue of kindergarten enrollment,” stated Fields. “In fact, we can’t firmly address the issue of early childhood education if we’re not actively taking steps to ensure there is no gap between a Pre-K and kindergarten education.”

If Senate Bill 10 is approved by the legislature, children who turn five years of age on or before September 30th will be required to be enrolled in kindergarten.

Lawmakers will debate the bill during the upcoming 2021 Regular Legislative Session which begins on April 12, 2021.