LSU student body president proposes monthly COVID-19 testing for students

Photo credit Getty Images

LSU Student Body President Stone Cox has sent a letter to University Interim President Thomas Galligan suggesting that all students participate in mandatory monthly COVID-19 testing in order to move the school into phase 3. Cox says that moving into phase three would be a big step in the right direction.

“Student life is important and it’s valuable to our students, we’re having to balance a lot of different things and we’re doing a lot of it virtually.  The current restrictions that the university has put on us in terms of event capacity made sense earlier on in the semester but I don’t think they make sense now.”

What exactly would be allowed on campus if LSU moved into phase three? Cox says student-led organizations would find it beneficial.

“Event restrictions are currently limited to 50 people this puts some of our larger student organizations at the ability to not be able to operate, so it would allow for organizations to do more outreach and host larger events.”

Some students may be concerned about testing positive and having to quarantine but Cox says having larger events may be an incentive for students to get tested.

“There are some real consequences if you test positive, that’s an important thing to consider which is why I think providing incentives for students to test, for instance, being able to go to phase three events with over 50 people.”