Classic '90s Toy Tamagotchi Returning to Stores This Summer

By ALT 103.7

Apparently, it’s not just movies and television that are looking at the past for new content.

With nostalgia more prominent in pop culture than ever before, one of the most iconic toys from the '90s is making a comeback this summer. Tamagotchi, the egg shaped electronic pet, will be back to become everyone’s obsession once again starting in July.

Expected to relaunch July 26th, the Tamagotchi is hoping to create the same type of buzz it had when it became an icon of '90s pop culture when initially released 23 years ago.

The Japanese-based toy allowed users to raise a virtual pet by making a few decisions on the small toy that was sold in a variety of colors. “It’s amazing to see those who remembered the original Tamagotchi from the ’90s pick up the Tamagotchi On as well as watch young users fall in love with having a virtual pet,” said Tara Badie, director of brand strategy for toy company Bandai America.

The new “Tamagotchi On Wonder Garden” will be sold for $59.99. While some were hoping it would be the same as the original Tamagotchi, the new version comes with a modern update. Hopefully, this time around, it’s easier to keep the pet alive.

Via New York Post

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