Ryan Bailey Discusses Charlotte's MLS Franchise Revealing Their Team Name


The writer, broadcaster, and video producer for Charlotte FC joined Kyle Bailey on the Clubhouse to react to the unveiling of Charlotte FC as Charlotte's MLS franchise and the hype surrounding the news. Ryan described the team's logo and namesake as one that is "clean and bold" and Ryan explains how the designers of the logo and name discovered that Charlotte FC was the most popular choice among soccer fans in the greater Charlotte area.

Kyle asked Ryan if the news that the inaugural season being pushed back to 2022 dampened the mood any bit today and Ryan replied to the question by saying "It is a disappointment in the fact that we were expecting soccer games by late February or early March of 2021" but Ryan was quick to point out that this is just one event out of a growing list of events that have been pushed back due to the coronavirus and the team wants to launch in the right way instead of in the middle of a pandemic.

Kyle also asked Ryan if we could see this club throw big money around to some of the sports biggest stars like a Ronaldo or a Messi once the time for play comes around and Ryan pushed back on that notion saying "I would suspect that Charlotte wants to be more like Atlanta United who came right out of the gates with a really balanced squad who was strong all over instead of in one place".