Video shows gun shop murders in Metairie


Investigators in Jefferson Parish say they may never really understand why a man murdered two people and wounded two more at the Jefferson Gun Outlet in Metairie Saturday.

Surveillance video shows how it all unfolded.

Sheriff Joe Lopinto says the suspect walked into the gun shop with a gun.  An employee asked him if his gun was loaded.  The sheriff says the suspect said it was not, but agreed to bring it to his car instead of letting the employee inspect it.

"There was no argument between the two," Lopinto explained. "Joshua Williams was not really confrontation."

He says his brother told him to bring it to the car, so he walked out the door.

As he opened the door, Williams fired one bullet outside.  He then turned around, pointing his gun into the store .

"That's where Ms. Veronica Billiot was standing... Mr. Williams trained his gun on Ms. Billiot firing at least two rounds at that time, hitting her."

He says Williams then traded gunshots with employees, hitting one person in the arm.

Video shows the suspect then walk out of the store.

Lopinto says, however, he turns around and comes back in.  Despite his brother telling him to leave, the sheriff says Williams keeps walking and shoots another worker.

"He is on the ground with his back toward Mr. Williams when he fires two shots into him, one of those wounds being fatal to Noah Fischbach at that time."

Seven workers in all engaged with Williams and eventually killed him.

The two wounded victims are in stable condition.

Here is the news release from JPSO:
Sheriff Joseph Lopinto provides the following update in the shooting investigation for the incident that occurred on February 20, 2021 at Jefferson Gun Outlet, 6719 Airline Drive in Metairie:

Over the course of the last 48 hours, JPSO investigators have collected over 200 pieces of evidence from the scene, recovered a total of 10 firearms, taken almost 3000 photographs, and conducted over two dozen interviews. Our investigation to this point has led us to several facts and allowed us to develop the sequence of events that transpired during the incident.

·         There were 3 deaths during the incident:

o   Veronica Billiot, 59, of Belle Chasse, was shot by Joshua Williams during the initial instance of gunfire

o   Herbert "Noah" Fischbach, 47, of Jefferson, was killed by Joshua Williams after he reentered the store and walked through seeking targets

o   Joshua Williams, 32, of New Orleans, was killed while exchanging gunfire with several store employees in the parking lot of the location. It is yet to be determined which firearm fired the fatal shot.

·         There were 8 shooters in total during the incident: the suspect, Joshua Williams, and 7 store employees. No customers fired any weapons during the incident.

·         All 8 firearms used during the incident were recovered, along with 2 additional firearms from the vehicle operated by Joshua Williams

Sequence of Events:

Joshua Williams, his brother, and two children went to Jefferson Gun Outlet to purchase ammunition. While they were inside, a store employee noticed that Williams was in possession of a loaded firearm. The employee advised Williams that he would need to unload the weapon to remain in the store, and Williams refused multiple times. During the discussion, Williams walked to the store's exit and opened the door before shooting into the air. Veronica Billiot was moving towards the door, and Williams immediately redirected the firearm to point it at her, then shot her. Williams then turned and engaged employees in an exchange of gunfire before briefly exiting the store. Williams reentered the store passes his brother to advance towards the store's counter, and fires again, fatally wounding Noah Fischbach. Williams then advances to the rear of the store before exiting and being confronted by other store employees. Williams is then killed in an exchange of gunfire with those employees. Two additional employees were wounded by gunfire in the exchanges with Williams; one in the initial exchange and one in the parking lot.