Wanted: Retired medical workers to administer vaccines

Photo credit Scott Olson/Getty Images

The State Office of Public Health is looking for retired medical providers who’d be interested in volunteering to administer COVID-19 vaccines.

Bureau of Community Preparedness interim director Dr. Sundee Winder said they need anyone who’s available to augment their current force of vaccinators.

“We believe that there are retirees who really do want to get involved and so we want to offer this opportunity to them to be involved in this once in a lifetime pandemic,” said Winder.

Those eligible include physicians, osteopaths, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, paramedics, EMTs, and PAs.

Winder said they expect the feds to begin ramping up the availability of vaccines in the spring or summer and want to be prepared when that happens.

“Just for preparedness we want to make sure that all available vaccinators are trained and available to us,” said Winder.

Winder said they are offering flexible volunteer schedules for volunteers and offer mornings, afternoons, and evenings for training and eventually participation.

“We are looking for retirees that are willing to volunteer their time, and this is non-paid,” said Winder.

Those interested should click here to register at the Louisiana Volunteers in Action webpage.