Beck Channels Prince for Surprise EP "Paisley Park Sessions"

By 93XRT
By Eli Sugerman
The artist formerly known as Beck (and also still known as Beck) has completed quite the tribute to Prince. Complete with a flowy purple shirt, the alternative rock star recorded a new surprise EP at Prince's legendary studio in Minnesota; Paisley Park Sessions features new Prince-style versions of hit Beck songs like "Where It’s At" from Odelay and “Up All Night” from Colors in addition to "The Paisley Experience," a medley of Prince covers. "He’s a big influence for me," said Beck in a behind-the-scenes interview. “The way he performed was really something that I connected with.”
Beck is set to release his new album Hyperspace on November 22, featuring the single "Saw Lightning" which he co-wrote and co-produced with Pharrell Williams. Hyperspace will mark Beck's first new album since 2017's Grammy Award-winning Colors.