How Poi Dog Pondering Was The First Act To Sell Out Ravinia

By 93XRT

For a venue that's been around since 1905, it wasn't until 92 years after opening their gates that Ravinia experienced its first sell out. The artist responsible for it? Poi Dog Pondering.

The year was 1997 and Poi Dog Pondering made their Ravinia debut on a beautiful August evening. Up until that point, Ravinia always offered general admission tickets ensuring fans would be able to snag a spot on the lawn to catch an act.

Poi Dog Pondering's popularity was at its peak leading to droves of fans flocking to the Highland Park venue to see the band. As Lin Brehmer recalled, "I was there to emcee and introduce the band. I got grabbed by somebody from Ravinia going, 'you gotta call the station, you gotta tell people to stop coming!'"

"That was the first time in history that Ravinia ever said 'ok we're at capacity, we're over capacity and have to stop selling tickets,'" Brehmer said. 

Poi Dog Pondering frontman Frank Orrall said "that was kind of the perfect storm."

"There was all the wonderful support that XRT's always given us throughout the years, it was a beautiful day, and it was Ravinia so people go for that," he added.

Ever since then numerous acts have sold out Ravinia, but if you need a good piece of music trivia, you now have one.