See How Billie Eilish Defied Gravity On Saturday Night Live

By 93XRT
Saturday Night Live kicked off its 45th season with a visually stunning performance from musical guest Billie Eilish. Seemingly defying the laws of gravity, Eilish effortlessly walked across the sidewalls and ceiling while performing her hit song "Bad Guy". 
While Eilish is immensely talented, the laws of gravity still apply to her. Thanks to clever set building and a camera trick, her SNL appearance goes down as one of the most creative performances in recent years.
She took part in a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the making of the set used during her "Bad Guy" performance. It was all inspired by a scene from the 1951 Fred Astaire film Royal Wedding where Astaire scales up the walls and ceiling of a living room. 
Eilish shared a home video as she imagines what the set will look like. The SNL crew then built a special rotating set with a camera locked in place. This allowed the set to rotate clockwise while the camera provided a level view the entire time. The video shows off a side-by-side comparison between the view of the camera they used and position the camera was in.

It's a rare insight into the production techniques used to create these stunning visuals. 

Check out the full video above.