Clapton, REM Cause Friday Feature Trouble?

Vinyl Record
Photo credit (Atenuant | Dreamstime)
By 93XRT
Some Friday Features are as fun to put together as they are difficult. This week’s Friday Feature found us sorting through more than 60 albums from Eric Clapton and REM to find the best we could fit into the day. From what I made it through, here are (in no particular order) my top 5 Eric Clapton solo and REM albums and my favorite song on each of them. Let me know what your faves are!  My handle on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is RyanArnoldRocks. 

Your pal,- Ryan A.

Eric Clapton


Out Of Time (1991) - “Country Feedback” - live with Neil Young in 1998. *FWIW - this is Michael Stipe’s “particular favorite REM song.”  Also, Michael Stipe drops the f-bomb at the absolute perfect place.