Jordana, Bully, Idles

The Big Beat with Ryan Arnold
By 93XRT

I got hip to Jordana a couple'a weeks ago and have been very eager to play her song "Big" on the Big Beat. Here debut EP is due July 31. Pre-order here.

Additional faves this week include Cayucus, Hoops, Songhoy Blues, and Big Beat Chicago Artist of the Week Zen On Campus. The entire playlist is below and online and you can check out playlists to past Big Beats here.

Thanks for listening to the Big Beat and WXRT. It means so much to me that you allow me to play you some music I've been discovering. Let me know what you're getting into!  Connect with me on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. My handle on all three of 'em is RyanArnoldRocks.

Your pal,-Ryan A.


Jordana - "Big" from Something To Say due July 31. Pre-order here.
BULLY - "Where To Start" from the album SUGAREGG due August 21. Pre-order here.

Cayucus - "Yeah Yeah Yeah"

Idles - "Grounds" from the album Ultra Mono due September 25. Pre-order here.

Mondo Cozmo - "Upside Down"

Twin Peaks - "What's The Matter"

*Big Beat Chicago Artist of the Week - Zen On Campus - "Some Way To Find Peace"

Neon Dreams - "Sick Of Feeling Useless"

Songhoy Blues - "Worry"

Hoops - "Fall Back" from the album Halo due October 2. Pre-order here.

Sonic45 - "Pills"

Briston Maroney - "Freakin' Out On The Interstate"

Michael Stipe, Big Red Machine - "No Time For Love Like Now"