David Bowie's "DJ" - Terri's Song Of The Day

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By 93XRT

You know we D.J.'s are partial to songs about radio. It's where we live. But when someone puts out a song about disc jockeys......in a flattering light or not....we go ga ga. Not to be confused with radio ga ga. Well David Bowie released a song that featured the lyrics "I am the DJ I am what I play". We were hooked. It was on the Lodger album at the end of the 70's. Two of my heroes played on it. Adrien Belew and Brian Eno. Bowie knew how to pick them. And it helped that everyone wanted to play with him. The DJ doesn't sound all that happy. Lost his job. Incurably ill. Yikes. But the line that resonates with all of us radio geeks.....I am a DJ, I am what I play. Yeah. Pretty much. In fact when the album came out the record company gave us pins saying "I am a DJ. I am what I play." I wore that a lot on my distressed denim jacket. It was cool. I still have it somewhere. After decades of collecting I can't find anything. Including a place to sit sometimes. It's somewhere in my pin drawers. Yes. Plural. This summer I was trying to find my I Love Ringo/I love the Beatles flasher pin. Couldn't find it but did wear a tiny pin that said Imagine Peace in very small print. Ringo asked what it said and I said look at it. He leaned in, read it and backed off smiling saying he loved it. He gave Yoko credit for the Imagine idea. It was a sweet moment. Kinda glad I didn't find the other pin. Sometimes a DJ has to wear or play what they find. Sometimes it all works out. Still love the song. Still miss Bowie. Like crazy.